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Solace & Tears in a Square

„Handkerchiefs – Solace & Tears in a Square“ is the title of the exhibition from 25 April to 11 July at the Museum Herxheim in the southern part of the Rhineland Palatinate. Curators Monika Brückner (BA Embroidery, University Middlesex und MA Fine Art, OCA University Barnsley), master costume designer Kristina B aumert, and Rosa Tritschler dedicate their show to a tiny everyday accessory. Five exhibition rooms present it in many facets: hankies as an art format, as a form of political resistance and as a lifetime companion, hankies in political and social histori es, in literature and poetry.

Exhibition at the Museum Herxheim
April July 2021

Museum Herxheim, Untere Hauptstraße 153
76863 Herxheim
07276 502477

Opening Times
Thur and Fri 2 – 7 pm Uhr
Sat and Sun 11 am – 6 pm